Bridges Group understands the world of global security and international affairs. Furthermore, we understand the challenges faced by foreign governments as they navigate the complexities of technology and export control. We seek to assist U.S. defense firms establish business overseas

Our team has extensive expertise in international defense business and security cooperation, including the U.S. Foreign Military Sales (FMS), Foreign Military Financing (FMF) and Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) process. Bridges Group specialists offer:

  • Years of hands-on international defense business and security cooperation experience.
  • Working with US-partner nations to develop military requirements, Bridges Group promotes professional US defense sales by ensuring that Letter or Request (LOR) are complete, which helps to accelerate the sales process.
  • Knowledge of the ins and outs of FMS case development and execution from requirements definition in the LOR to Fielding and Sustainment of end items.
  • Proficiency in government interagency security assistance processes, and the roles and responsibilities of key organizations across the interagency, including in-country teams.
  • IT consultancy including network solutions, Cloud Computing Services, Cyber Security Solutions Services and hardware support.
  • Military and Police training Programs of Instruction (POI), Rules of Engagement & Law of Land Warfare Training and Human Rights & Rule of Law Training.
  • Objectivity assessments.

We help your organization build healthy and successful international defense and security cooperation programs in accordance with the U.S. or Partner National Security Strategy and in compliance with export law.